How To Make A Beergarita / Cerveza Rita / Beer Cocktail /Mixed Drink (RECIPE INCLUDED) DJs BrewTube

| April 29, 2015 | 12 Comments

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12 Comments on "How To Make A Beergarita / Cerveza Rita / Beer Cocktail /Mixed Drink (RECIPE INCLUDED) DJs BrewTube"

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  1. Offtap unscripted says:

    Rock star !!!

  2. DJs BrewTube says:

    Tequila was my first hobby before craft beer :) I’ve actually been to the
    town of Tequila and have drank many a brand. The real Tequila expert though
    is my buddy Johnny. He has tried way more types then me. CHEERS!!! DJ

  3. DJs BrewTube says:

    Yeah, if you look, there are very few beer cocktail recipes on YouTube or
    on line in video formad. I seek to change this. The Flying Dog shirt is
    cool thanks. Got it at the craft beer festival. Give this one a try and use
    a Jinx Proof (my next review-great minds drink alike). It would work
    perfect in this one. Beergaritas get the job done. CHEERS!!! DJ

  4. DJs BrewTube says:

    Take care when you drink these. Beergaritas go down really easy and fast
    and so will you :) Also, this is a great drink to multiply for parties
    really easy to make in a pitcher for friend or just you ;) Thanks a
    million! CHEERS!!! DJ

  5. DJs BrewTube says:

    Thanks Brother. Give this one a go you will like it. Hell, what’s not to
    like about a shot and a beer that tastes good. :) CHEERS!!!! DJ

  6. underthetablebrewing says:

    First!! Mmmm.

  7. DJs BrewTube says:

    Hey, Salsa dancing is how I me t my wife :) Glad to make you smile. Maybe
    I’ll have to wip her a Strawbarita up if she is well behaved, think she
    will like that. All women pretty much do like chocolate. Thanks a
    million!!!! CHEERS!! DJ

  8. DJs BrewTube says:

    Yeah, especially when you can’t decide what to drink. Sometimes you want a
    shot and a beer. This takes care of the problem. :) Thanks a million!!!
    CHEERS!!! DJ

  9. DJs BrewTube says:

    Give this one a try. I think you will like it. CHEERS!!! DJ

  10. cheshirehomebrew says:

    Hey DJ another gr8 vid and sure any alcohol experiment must be worth
    watching, cheers pal!

  11. sofakingdrunk66 says:

    Nice Beertail experience…

  12. ClementsHomebrew says:

    I was dancing with the intro. Got my “Salsa” dance going on. I had to cut
    you off and listen to the intro again. Ha ha! You crazy bastard. This one
    actually sound good! If your wife likes chocolate (and lets face it, most
    women do), you need to make her my wife’s patented drink. The
    Strawbarbarita. Basically make a strawberry margarita, but substitute the
    tequila with Kahlua. Women seem to love this one. Cheers!

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