Mojito Cocktail Drink Recipe

| September 28, 2013 | 20 Comments

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20 Comments on "Mojito Cocktail Drink Recipe"

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  1. tehmton daboo says:

    but u can make it like this
    take a long drink glass
    4 to 5 piece of mint
    take two spoons of brown sugar
    squeeze half lemon in the glass and mix it with the muddler so it can properly mix up and all the aroma of the mint comes out.
    take one once of Bacardi breezier rum and fill it with ice(if u want ot mix it u can mix it again.
    for garnish u can put some mint leaves from up.

  2. sunny lee says:

    I like how you educate us as well whole telling the recipe

  3. American Bartending School says:

    It does has it advantages.

  4. adrjaco says:

    I like the texture of granulated sugar at the bottom of the glass, so I can decide for myself when I want sweetness.

  5. American Bartending School says:

    Rum, lime and sugar are available to all Cubans and are cheap to buy.

  6. American Bartending School says:

    Depends on how you like mint. The oil from mint is very strong and can over power the drink.

  7. edsloan says:

    what you have to bear in mind is where the drink originates from? would all these “mixes” be available to the “poorer” cubans? (i think not). best and simplest mojito ive seen on youtube is from citydrinking /watch?v=hS-Ocf6UVwA

  8. Royce Leanzer says:

    three mint leaves in a Mojito .. that is not a variation Sir … that is a big screw up ….

  9. American Bartending School says:

    Thanks for your comments. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. There are many variations to this recipe.

  10. American Bartending School says:


  11. Iain Meldrum says:

    I’ll forgive the stingy mint, i’ll even forgive the sour mix. But using a sprig of mint you’ve just stuck up your nose? And i would NEVER recommend muddling or shaking such a thin-sided glass. Unless you enjoy severe hand lacerations…

  12. loste585 says:

    thats not a mojito.

    Our customers would frown if we made it with only 3 mint leaves. too much is bad too but only 3….

    and sour mix????

    if u cant mix the drink properly and have to add sour mix to make it “balanced”
    maybe u shouldnt be making mojitos at all

  13. American Bartending School says:

    Thanks for your kind words and your support. It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone who has a positive attitude and knows it all.

  14. Pepsiaddicto says:

    Pretty sad. But yes, this is what you’d expect from a bartender who has 2 weeks of training. Now I know where all the crappy bartenders in the world are being trained.

  15. filip fill says:

    Ovaj nema pojma

  16. American Bartending School says:

    most supper markets have mint leaves in the veggi section

  17. emir895 says:

    so where would you be able to buy mint leaves even if you have to find and buy a plant but in what kind of places would i find that in?

  18. habacuk1985 says:

    lol just three mint leaves sounds not good but therefore sourmix! Neever ever use sourmix for no drink! this is no mojito in my opinion

  19. elmagnificodep says:

    BullVideorg!!! You can get pop, sour mix, half and half, juices, tobacco, and many other things in most fully functional liquor stores. You must go to a Videorghole store.

  20. Kokaka says:

    You could buy Margarita Mix, its basicly the same.

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