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| April 29, 2015 | 19 Comments

Tasty baked beans recipe with maple syrup, perfect for a BBQ side dish, potluck dinner, or just to eat. This cast iron dutch oven recipe can also be made in a casserole dish, but it looks so…
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19 Comments on "Wow Baked Beans Recipe w/ Maple Syrup – GardenFork.TV"

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  1. GardenFork says:

    Maple Syrup Baked Beans Recipe in the Cast Iron Dutch Oven . From the maple
    syrup season to the BBQ season. here we go:

  2. Michael Wilson says:

    When it comes down to tomato paste I have found that if you cut both ends
    off the can then you can just push the paste instead of having to scrape it
    out. Some times you can just take shake the paste out of the can.

  3. Kevin D says:

    I put my cast iron in the cleaning cycle of my oven to bring back to the
    original unseasoned state. Makes a lot of smoke though.. 

  4. David Kuhns says:

    I always enjoy your cooking videos; you display a charming degree of
    spontaneity. I can’t imagine baked beans without molasses, but to each his

  5. Rev John O'Toole says:

    maple syrup doesn’t spike my blood sugar like molasses does, so this is a
    good thing

  6. Todd Weller says:

    Looks great … Maybe some brown sugar to compliment the Maple Syrup.

  7. Asal Asalo says:

    Great video…thx Eric

  8. s schuyler says:


  9. wilsocn says:

    There is still snow on the ground there? Lord have mercy…

  10. mamagon 68 says:

    Looks great so yummy looking 

  11. Flannel Acres says:

    Mmm, looks like a great recipe! I like the maple syrup & bacon combo idea.

  12. TheOrganiclady says:

    I learned from Noblesse Oblige on YouTube that if you put water under your
    tongue while you are cutting onions, they will not make you cry. I do that
    now and it really works. Recipe looks yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Random Acts of Cooking says:

    I luv the simplicity of this recipe. I would think the charred beans add a
    more intense home cooked flavor to the dish. That’s my excuse and I’m
    sticking with it, cause I use it more often than I’d admit. Good one Eric.

  14. Tango Joe says:

    Great beans Eric, one does not see too many folks baking white beans and
    those looked terrific.

  15. maggieandbart1 says:

    When I watched the maple syrup video, I showed my husband and we both said
    barbecue and smoker..great minds think alike…..

  16. cronisher23 says:

    food for the soul, I am going to make it today in my new dutch oven which
    I bought because your show made me do it:-)

  17. Allotment Grow How says:

    Amazing combination of ingredients… I’m actually hungry now after that
    video. It was good to see the use of Worcestershire sauce… I live in
    Worcestershire here in the UK… just 5 mins from the city of Worcester.
    Anyways… thanks for making me hungry :-) 

  18. thedogs maid says:

    Made the beans, minus the bacon, last night and they were yummy. Don’t
    throw out the bean liquid, you can whip that up with some powdered sugar
    and you have vegan meringue! Has a bit of a marshmallow taste.

  19. Work Em' Dogs says:

    Great video. I’ll have to make this……

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