dutch oven recipes

| May 6, 2015 | 3 Comments

dutch oven recipes

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3 Comments on "dutch oven recipes"

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  1. Grant Jones says:

    great video. I sorry where did you say you could get one of those Dutch
    ovens? This is the first time on your site. I am looking forward to
    watching all of your videos. I will go to your web site also. Where did
    you say you can get those Dutch ovens? Where are they made?

  2. Marco Morales says:

    Chef….The second voice in this video is very familiar…..Who is it?
    Emeril Lagasse?

  3. sibkiss2009 says:

    I bought a dutch oven, cast iron, and still haven’t used it, got camping
    equipment too, so this video is an encouragement to get going with dutch
    oven cooking. Thanks

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