Saltimbocca alla romana ( escalopes with ham and sage ) Italian recipe

| May 6, 2015 | 13 Comments

This traditional Roman veal dish is quick, flavourful and simple and will look impressive on any table. From GialloZafferano, Italy’s #1 food website. +++ Hi everyone and welcome to the…
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13 Comments on "Saltimbocca alla romana ( escalopes with ham and sage ) Italian recipe"

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  1. pecos84 says:

    @uniqueedgings the WHO website shows that Italy is one of the developed
    countries with the lowest rate of cardiovascular diseases and cancer; the
    same as far as obesity is concerned. There are, for sure, issues with how
    livestocks are reared, but the need to feed a 65 million people country is
    the primary focus; animal welfare is extremely important, but comes after
    that. I would also like to add that this recipe, just like the majority of
    Italian ones, was part of the diet of people that, until

  2. soulhunter4444 says:

    @uniqueedgings Maybe he/she is vegan and believes that eating meat will
    give you cancer.

  3. pecos84 says:

    @uniqueedgings rabbit is not red meat; the term red meat includes those
    kind of meat that are coloured red when raw. Therefore rabbit is not. I
    should have been more precise precise: I meant to say fish is traditionally
    eaten in Liguria; I didn’t mean molluscs or crustaceans. You probably know
    that fish meat is more “heart-friendly” than red meat. The farmed mussels
    are not bottom-feeders, but filter the water itself and, after being
    harvested, are treated in purified water (by law). Crustaceans

  4. magnacore11 says:

    haha Check out who edited the video…Gimada…hey! Who edited the video?
    Gimada! (yo madda)

  5. ItsEryk says:

    @Wivanunu Are you a vegetarian too?

  6. pecos84 says:

    @pecos84 If you want to go on discussing with me, it’d be great, but I
    don’t think this is the place; people are supposed to talk about the recipe
    here. So, if you want, get in touch with me and I’ll give you my e-mail
    address. Cheers

  7. Oshin Sr says:

    Oh, that looks so delicious!

  8. pecos84 says:

    @pecos84 are concerned, I am not sure. I don’t know of any evidences that
    proves they are dangerous for human health, but not even of one that proves
    that they won’t cause any health problem. Caution seems to be a good
    solution, to me. To get back to the recipe itself, I think that is a
    delicious dish for a special meal, especially if accompanied by some good
    red wine.

  9. Oshin Sr says:

    looks amazing!

  10. pecos84 says:

    @pecos84 are, so far, not farmed in Italy, although several attempts have
    been made (especially with spiny lobsters in Sardinia). I don’t see what’s
    wrong with consuming dairy products.

  11. pecos84 says:

    @pecos84 (continues) the end of WWII, faced a lot of poverty, therefore
    using a lot of oil was not only a way to give flavour to simple food, but
    also a good way to have unsaturated fatty acids that, as you may know,
    largely contribute to the good functioning of the heart (it has to be extra
    virgin olive oil, though).

  12. Zac MacDougall says:

    Looks good, I love veal :)

  13. pecos84 says:

    @uniqueedgings It really depends on where you are in Italy. I am from
    Liguria and red meat and pancetta are traditionally not used in there;
    rabbit is preferred, together with seafood. It’s quite difficult to
    generalize about Italy.

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