Cold Sandwich – Quick Five Minutes Snack / Tiffin Recipe By Ruchi Bharani

| May 6, 2015 | 11 Comments

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11 Comments on "Cold Sandwich – Quick Five Minutes Snack / Tiffin Recipe By Ruchi Bharani"

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  1. Romila Lal says:

    Thanks for sharing just a suggestion use bread knife for cutting your

  2. Gayatri Rao says:

    Fantastic Ruchi… 

  3. Anirban Mookherjee says:

    How can this be done in 5 mins?? Getting the vegetables cut in fine pieces
    like that will take me forever!! :( 

  4. Nainar Murugan says:

    As usual this was also a very good useful video . Thanks for uploading 

  5. Mina Singh says:

    Thanks Ruchi,,, Awesome….Can u share some other kids recipes for
    lunchboxes… thanks

  6. Ankita Shah says:

    Thank you Ruchi for a lovely recipe especially for lunch instead of bread I
    used boiled pasta to make cold pasta salad…. Thanks for the idea..

  7. Mubeen khan says:

    Hii ruchi can u Plz tell me how to make veg fried rice

  8. Gayatri Rao says:

    Can u make a video of how you chop veggies thin ?

  9. Neeru Goel says:

    i forgot todays hangout/

  10. Anand Tripathi says:

    Better to cut the edges of the bread in the beginning itself :) 

  11. Lps Fire says:

    Love it

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