Vegan Dog Food and Apparel and Thanks to Happy Healthy Vegan

| May 5, 2015 | 23 Comments

Happy Healthy Vegan’s channel: Vegan dog food: Vegan Badass clothing: …
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23 Comments on "Vegan Dog Food and Apparel and Thanks to Happy Healthy Vegan"

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  1. Titan Coral says:

    Dogs are not like bears…. They are indeed omnivores that rely *mostly* on
    animal flesh and bones. Why choose to “not abuse other cows or chickens,
    yet instead abuse *YOUR DOG*.
    Take a *bunny rabbit* or a *chinchilla*

  2. Rawsomepossum says:

    Anjji and Ryan brought me here and I’m currently binge watching your
    videos. Thank Videorging god you exist

  3. Jose Robledo says:

    Poor dog this piece of Videorg is forcing a animal to eat because if his
    ideology wow 

  4. TOKYO CHYNA says:

    OMG! New follower, the CUTEST doggie ever!!! I think your channel is tons
    of fun! and you look great! Good for the guys to see (and gals) but you
    know what I mean….xoxo from Tokyo

  5. Janelle gamino says:

    This is why I love it when vegan youtubers support other vegan youtubers I
    get to find out about more awesome channels! So glad I found yours trough
    them your videos are amazing ! :) 

  6. Matt Santiago says:

    :/ man i have mixed emotions about this. Dont get the wrong idea i’m slowly
    working my way twords veganism but … Dogs arn’t humans man. This isnt
    right to force a dog againts their nature . this is forcing your human
    beliefs on an animal …. Dogs are not human dogs are dogs and since your
    vegan obivously you like animals but what youre doing is kind of a
    contradiction. This isnt right 

  7. Passion And Fruit says:

    you probably get this question a lot. but are you on the gear/juice brah?!
    massive gains. and depending on your answer; why or why not? Love your

  8. Zimmerchild says:

    They are how I found you! :D 

  9. Emilie B says:

    You really deserve to have more subs, your channel is awesome! Keep up the
    great work!

  10. IAmTheAttack says:

    That dog is lean as Videorg. 

  11. luce price says:

    My questions are: 1)what type of music do you listen to? and 2)why did you
    decided to start a youtube channel? By the way, I got very happy when I saw
    Happy Healthy Vegan’s video. You deserve much more subscribers, your videos
    are very entertaining and funny 

  12. Become Your Strength says:


  13. David E. says:

    how much brotein do you eat? do you stick to 801010? are you brotein
    deficient? :P 

  14. craig dunker says:

    Love your videos just subbed yesterday 

  15. fuju ll says:

    Hey man your channel is making all kindz of GAINZZZ

  16. Rosannasfriend says:

    I’m a new subbie. I thought I was already a subbie because your name is
    similar to vegan veins,lol. So I dubbed last night, and it’s thanks to Anji
    and Ryan!

  17. Vegan ForTheWin says:

    +Vegan Gains V-Dog is the Videorg, I always recommend it

  18. Airin Oluwa says:

    Just subbed looking forward to new vids. 

  19. Phil Griffiths says:

    how many calories per day do you need to maintain and grow?
    do you have to work to afford to be a bodybuilder?
    how will being vegan effect your career as a bodybuilder if you are going
    do you use any drugs?
    are you a gamer? (those 3 screens look like you might be)
    liking the videos so far dude, came here from HHV’s channel the other day.

  20. Elit3Ac3s says:

    Bro honestly, somebody needs to say something about Jason Blaha. That guy
    has straight up lied and went back on everything he has said. Everything.
    He trashed supplements, now he’s got a supplement line. He trashed BCAA’s,
    protein, and talked about strong ethics about a vegan diet and he is now
    going back on it all and saying his ethics were affected by his wife.

    I can totally see you making a video showing some of his old clips and then
    scenes from the new ones. You’ll probably gain a lot of subscribers too
    because it’ll get big. Just some random suggestions from my part but either
    way your my fav chanel man keep doing your thing

  21. Izabel Pavlova says:

    where is the dog food from do they sell it everywhere ?

  22. Anji Bee says:

    Glad we were able to bring some awareness to your channel, Richard. Your
    videos are so well done that they deserved a wider audience for sure. Best
    of luck with the channel and keep on making those Vegan Gains!

  23. TheAtheistSocialist says:

    I only wear tanks tops so I wish Patrick had some of those designs for
    tanks. That vegan badass Gorilla is super cool.

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